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Jena Martin Show host and creator


I started this podcast to share the research I did to prepare for writing my novel, Don't You Remember?, a literary thriller about two women living in the long shadows cast by the recovered memory epidemic.

For updates on my novel please visit and subscribe.

My research on this topic has led me to dark places, but that is not all that I write about. You can subscribe to for a mix of show updates and the rest of my writing. I have written about my 'day job' as a pathologist and The Official Preppy Handbook.

Thankfully I am not a survivor of child sexual abuse nor am I someone who 'remembered' and then later recanted. From my perspective I have tried to approach this topic with nuance. If you'd like to add your story from this time to the conversation, please use the form below. I welcome hearing from you.

I am the sole creator and producer of this podcast. To overcome my nerves about it I took a course from Laura Joyce and Nate Davis at Narrative Podcasts and I highly recommend them if you are considering telling your story.

I use Hindenburg Pro. Check out my high tech studio!

Thanks for listening,


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