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Show Notes for Episode 1: Introduction to the Memory Hole

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

The resources and references used in the creation of this episode

Why on earth did I become interested in this topic? That's what this episode is about.

I once, ever so briefly, wished I could remember a history of childhood sexual abuse.

It’s embarrassing to admit this brush with disaster, embarrassing to admit I’m suggestible enough to have nearly fallen into something like a cult. Because I wanted to be like my college roommates, I tried to believe I’d experienced, and then forgotten, truly horrible events. What outrageous claims would I have made, how far would I have gone just to fit in? Fortunately, I awoke from my enchantment before I did anything I would later regret.

Interview with Meredith Maran, conducted 5/23/2023

You can request a copy of her memoir, My Lie, A True Story of False Memory on her website

You can hear an interview she conducted about this book here.

Dead Can Dance

The charm of prostitution: Risky Business

‘Alternative’ in the 1990s was about more than music.

Obsession commercials. Are you obsessed? I still am.

More Calvin Klein and the zeitgeist.

Heather Locklear and viral social concepts

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