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Show Notes for Episode 5: Forget me not; remembering about memories

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Mnemosyne (also known as Lamp of Memory or Ricordanza) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (c. 1876 to 1881).


Dr. Henry Otgaar

Interview 9/21/2023

Dr. Sophie Scott

Interview 9/22/2023


Bart Simpson: Oh boy, time to repress another memory

Dr. Scott mentions the Lost in the Mall Study

Explaining memories in the movie Inside Out - where they went wrong:

Cover art collage featuring Mnemosyne, also titled Lamp of Memory and Ricordanza.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1881.

“We look at the world once,

in childhood. The rest

is memory.”

Louise Gluck

Any and all background music from the free YouTube Audio Library

The Memory Hole Podcast theme is: A Great Darkness Approaches, Can You Feel It? by ELPHNT

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