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Show Notes for Episode 2: “Every tear was an incest-driven tear”

Links to references and resources used in this episode: “Every tear was an incest-driven tear”; child sexual abuse comes to light in the 1980s

"Shame and fear have kept Amelia Bennett (Roxana Zal) silent about the sexual molestation she's been suffering at the hands of her father, Steven (Ted Danson). But as Amelia starts to believe that Steven might harm her younger sibling in similar ways, she unburdens herself of her awful secret. Confronted with this horrifying piece of news, Steven's wife, Gail (Glenn Close), can't believe it's true, and he professes his innocence. But as new details emerge, the family is shaken to its core."

Don’t Touch

Rosanne Barr

During an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, the comedian admitted that she is ashamed to have levied allegations of sexual abuse against her mother and father in 1991.

"I think it's the worst thing I've ever done," she said. "It's the biggest mistake that I've ever made."

Oprah Winfrey

Meredith Maran

Interview 5/22/2023

Dan Rather CBS Evening News, March 1988, Television Archive

Playboy magazine comic from The Best Kept Secret, Florence Rush 1980

Quotes from: John Money, Wardell Pommeroy, Larry Constantine from The Best Kept Secret, Florence Rush 1980

Love’s Baby Soft Commercial, 1975 “Because innocence is sexier than you think.”

Mark Pendergrast

Laura Pasley

Laura Pasley appeared in documentary: Making Memories, from the False Memory Foundation, courtesy of Patrick Clancy

Judith Herman

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